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Traffic Citations

Moving Violations Can Affect Your Future

New Jersey drivers should never take traffic charges lightly. While some violations carry minor penalties, many can result in license suspension, significant fines, increased insurance rates and possible incarceration.

You have rights, and an experienced attorney can defend those rights. If you’ve been charged with a traffic violation or received a summons for criminal or misdemeanor charges in municipal court, The Law Offices of Randy E. Lewis, LLC, in Newark, is committed to stand by you.

The Consequences Of Pleading Guilty

After getting a ticket for a moving violation, you may decide to pay the fine and move on. However, paying the ticket means you plead guilty to the charge. It will remain on your record indefinitely, along with any points the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) assesses.

These points accumulate quickly. Different offenses have different point values. For example, an accident with injuries is eight points, and running a stop sign is two points. Using your cellphone while driving is a serious offense resulting in three points, in addition to hundreds in fines and license suspension for repeat offenders.

Points On Your Record Can Threaten Your Freedom

The more points you have, the greater risk you are in the eyes of police, the MVC and your insurer. Your ticket shows how many points your violation is worth, but you should also know these facts:

  • If you get six points within three years, the MVC will suspend your license.
  • Points on your record may lead to higher fines and other charges for future violations.
  • Once you reach 12 points in your lifetime, the MVC will suspend your license.

Instead of simply paying the fine, call our Newark office. Our attorney will fight for reducing the number of points for an offense or eliminating the points altogether. Lawyer Randy Lewis has earned a reputation for offering aggressive but honest representation against moving violations.

Contact Us Before You Pay The Fine

Even a traffic citation that seems minor can complicate your future. While your efforts to be a safe driver are the best defense against the negative consequences of a poor driving record, we offer skilled assistance when you make a mistake.

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