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I never had tickets before. I was scared and confused. A friend of mine recommended Mr. Lewis who help her several times in the past so i decided to give him a call. Mr. Lewis was very patient and professional, he made me feel at peace again. His Secretary Carla, was also very kind and friendly. All my charges were dismissed. Thank you guys, you are the best.


He really was great in the courtroom. Thanks for getting my case dismissed. Really would recommend his services.


The charges I was facing were serious. Loss of my License for 3 months and about $20k in costs over 3 years from increase in insurance, surcharges and state penalties etc. I hired Randy who came on a recommendation from a friend who lives in Newark near his offices. I got off with out paying any fines, penalties or charges and the cost to me was $2500 total in legal fees. A flat rate that Randy Lewis allowed me to pay in a few installments.


This wasn’t my first time getting pulled over with weed in the car, facing possible jail time. My boy recommended this law firm to me and sure enough im glad i did.


I was nervous about the severity of my case, but Attorney Lewis kept my nerves at calm. He sent one of his lawyers to represent for me and my tickets were diminished to but all thrown away. I went from possibly facing jail time to paying small fees. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Mr.Lewis.


Mr Lewis have been a blessing to my family. He has been an amazing lawyer for my brother, He has provided us with knowledge great advice and most of all had help us as much as he could for my mother to have some kind of peace.


I have a CDL and received 2 tickets. I went to different attorneys but randy made me feel at ease. His office is great i can get through to him all the time. Carla is just great.

This is my second time using MR. Lewis to represent my son and both times the results have been dismiss. Mr. Lewis was very compassionate and professional


I hired Mr. Lewis to represent me for several traffic violations (including a speeding ticket). He really knows his stuff and came to court fully prepared!

John T.