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Appealing A Suspended Driver’s License

You Do Not Have To Accept Your License Suspension

Many people may not realize how much they depend upon their ability to drive freely. Not only do you need your license to get to work, but there may also be countless times during the day when you jump in the car to run errands for yourself, your family and your friends.

Losing your license because of a DUI, an accumulation of points or other violations can leave you struggling to meet your obligations. At The Law Offices of Randy E. Lewis, LLC, in Newark, we know well how frustrating and stressful it can be to receive a notice of a license suspension.

If the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) intends to suspend your driver’s license, our lawyer can help. We are prepared to offer aggressive criminal defense representation that seeks to prevent this from happening to you.

You Need To Request A Hearing Immediately

The MVC will give you 90 days’ notice that they intend to suspend your license. You can make the most of that time by contacting a lawyer who will help you challenge the suspension through an appeal.

Our attorney can help you request a hearing and guide you through the process. We work with our clients to submit a written statement explaining why the MVC should not suspend your driving privileges, including for the following reasons:

  • Invalid reasons for the suspension
  • Ailing family member who relies on your transportation
  • Employment that depends on your driving ability
  • Other hardships that may result from the suspension of your license

The MVC does not always approve requests for appeals, and your written statement is crucial in persuading the MVC to grant you a hearing. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with administrative hearings for residents of Essex County and the surrounding regions. We can put that experience to work advocating to have your suspension time reduced or eliminated altogether.

Time Is Not On Your Side

After receiving your suspension notice, you have a limited number of days to request a hearing. Call The Law Offices of Randy E. Lewis, LLC, at 973-536-2000 or use the contact page on this website to schedule a free consultation with us today to begin preparing your defense.