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Why some people don’t fight traffic tickets

On Behalf of | May 21, 2023 | Traffic Tickets |

Any mistake on the road can earn you a traffic ticket. And this will be accompanied by traffic violation points. If you fight the ticket, the charge will not go on your driving record. However, if you pay the fine, the violation points and the offense will be on your record. So, why do drivers choose the latter?

It seems convenient

Going to court to defend a traffic ticket seems inconvenient. Thus, some people pay the fine to proceed with their lives. Unfortunately, this may not be as freeing as it seems. With the charge on one’s driving record, their car insurance premiums may increase and they may miss out on some opportunities.

Thus, it will be best to spend a few hours in court and leave with a clean record.

They believe they lack defense

Some drivers believe they can’t defend their traffic tickets. As a result, they will pay the fines. However, it’s possible to defend a traffic ticket using numerous strategies including:  

  • Challenging the officer’s personal opinion 
  • Challenging the officer’s observations 
  • Presenting evidence that the violation was necessary 
  • Proving the violation was a “mistake of fact”

Defending a traffic ticket can be easier than most people. Thus, it’s a mistake for a driver to believe they have no defense.

Wrong advice

The people around drivers who fail to fight their traffic tickets may have contributed to their decision. For instance, parents, who may have the best intention, may inform their college child to pay the ticket to return to their life, focusing on school. But doing this may affect their future significantly. 

If you have a traffic ticket, you should fight it sooner. With legal help, you could protect your driving record.