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The consequences of carrying your gun without a permit

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

New Jersey has some of the most comprehensive gun laws in the country, with a wide range of restrictions on who can own and carry firearms. Whether you’re a resident of New Jersey or just visiting, it’s essential to know when and where you can have your gun.

The consequences of carrying a gun without a permit in New Jersey can be severe. So, it’s important to know the laws surrounding guns and ensure you always carry your firearm legally.

What are the rules on carrying firearms in New Jersey?

New Jersey has a voluntary registration firearm law. However, you must have a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card or Permit to Purchase a Handgun. You can obtain one through your local police department. As long as the gun stays inside your residence, you are not required to register it.

However, it becomes a different matter once you leave your house with a gun. Carrying a firearm without the proper permit is a criminal act in New Jersey. Having one while in public requires a NJ Carry Permit (PCH).

Carrying a gun without a PCH is considered a 2nd-degree felony. While there are some exceptions, those found to be in possession of a firearm without the necessary license may face serious consequences such as jail time, fines and other significant penalties. 

If you are arrested in New Jersey with a firearm without an appropriate Permit to Carry, it’s crucial to have a strong defense. Certain exceptions can apply depending on the individual’s situation. Having someone who can help you navigate the legal process can ensure your rights are protected.