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Should you fight your traffic ticket?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Traffic Tickets |

When driving, you may get a traffic ticket for speeding, using your mobile phone, running a stop sign, causing an accident, driving or parking an unregistered car and other moving violations. The offense you make may be minor and carry penalties like fines and points or can be serious, resulting in high fines, license suspension or revocation and jail terms.

Paying a ticket and moving on with your life seems convenient, but it may be harmful. Below is why you should fight a traffic ticket.

Protect your driving record

When you get a ticket, plead guilty and pay the fine, it will go on your motor vehicle record (MVR). This can increase your insurance rates, especially if your ticket is related to an accident in which you were at fault or you have multiple tickets. Insurance companies use driving records to determine a client’s premiums. A clean record proves you are a safe driver, and as a result, you may get lower rates.

Further, when a violation is included in your record, it will be based on its respective points. For instance, tailgating results in 5 points, and failure to stop for traffic lights is 2 points. When you don’t fight traffic tickets, these points can accumulate quickly on your MVR, leading to significant penalties.

Reduce the punishment

As mentioned earlier, some moving violations are serious. Not fighting these offenses may affect your life substantially. However, with defense strategies, you can reduce points and fines, protect your license and avoid jail.

Thus, while it’s challenging to dismiss a ticket, it may be beneficial to take this step. The case will go on your MVR, but it will be removed after a particular period, especially if you avoid other violations.

Fighting a traffic citation is beneficial in many ways. You should get adequate information to protect your driving record.