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2 kinds of experts that can help with your criminal defense

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

The first professional that people think of when it comes to a criminal defense strategy is a lawyer. Obviously, anyone facing criminal charges would benefit from having proper legal representation, which is why the right to an attorney has such thorough legal protections. Most people don’t understand the law itself, let alone the court process and any prior court rulings that could affect their cases.

An attorney can often handle the bulk of the work involved with creating and executing a defense strategy. However, a lawyer may sometimes recommend the use of other professionals as part of the defense strategy they want to utilize in court.

Although it may seem strange at first to need outside professionals while putting together your criminal defense, the right help could make all the difference in your case. What kinds of professionals can play a key role in your defense strategy?

Forensic specialists

Making sense of evidence is hard for people to do, which means it will be a challenge for the jurors in your case. Maybe you stand accused of a financial crime, so you need a forensic accountant to go over the financial records from your place of employment to help prove that you did not misappropriate company resources.

On the other hand, perhaps you face charges related to a violent crime, and the police have used evidence from the crime scene to try to connect you to the incident. A blood spatter or pathology forensic specialist could provide their own analysis of the evidence gathered by the state and help raise a question about the claim that there is anything connecting you to the crime.

Expert witnesses

Maybe you don’t need to challenge the state’s evidence against you but rather need to explain your behavior or the circumstances. An expert witness could provide testimony about how people react in a fight or flight situation. They could describe how drivers behave while under the influence of different chemical substances. There are experts in many different areas of science who could help you successfully avoid a criminal conviction.

The right support will make it much easier for you to fight back against allegations that you violated the law. Partnering with professionals familiar with the modern criminal justice system can increase your chances of employing a successful defense strategy.