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Do you qualify for drug treatment court in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

A drug offense can change the course of your life. Whether you are halfway through your college education or already established in a professional career, everything can change after an arrest. You could lose your job or your financial aid if you plead guilty. The information that comes to light during your trial could affect your reputation and your family relationships.

Even after you put the whole matter behind you, there will still be repercussions, as the criminal record of your conviction will limit your opportunities for many years to come. The addiction that led to the offense could also continue to cause issues for years to come.

If you qualify for adjudication in the drug treatment courts, you could avoid incarceration and prevent a lifetime criminal record. How do you know if you qualify?

Only certain offenses lead to drug treatment court

You might assume that only those accused of a substance abuse offense would qualify for drug or recovery court, but you would be wrong. Substance abuse contributes to many kinds of criminal activity, including theft to cover the costs of someone’s addiction.

Anyone accused of a non-violent offense in New Jersey, even if it is not a drug offense, might potentially be able to ask for consideration by the drug treatment courts. However, such defendants will typically need proof of a moderate to severe substance use disorder. Clinical evaluation is often part of the process of qualifying for drug court.

How drug treatment court helps a defendant

As you can likely determine from the name alone, the drug treatment or recovery courts help people pursue rehabilitative care when addiction has led to criminal activity. The goal is to help them achieve sobriety through recovery support.

Provided that you complete the treatment required by the courts and comply with any other requests made by the judge overseeing your case, adjudication in the drug treatment courts may end with you finally regaining control over your substance abuse issue. Not only will you avoid time in jail, but you can also prevent a lifelong criminal record that would limit your future opportunities.

Evaluating your case to see if you make qualify for recovery court can be a smart choice for those facing non-violent charges and drug offenses in New Jersey.