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How a dashcam protects you after a major car wreck

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Determining who is at fault for a car crash is a crucial step after a wreck. The details included in the police report and the determinations made by the insurance companies that cover the drivers will impact which insurance policy pays for collision costs and if either driver will be subject to a civil lawsuit for causing the crash.

All too often, those who are at fault for a motor vehicle collision do not want to take responsibility for their negligent driving habits. They may lie to the police or refuse to talk to the insurance company to avoid implicating themselves. Investing in a dashboard camera or dashcam before a crash could protect you after one.

A driver can’t lie when there is video footage

If it is your word against the other driver’s, factors ranging from your appearance to the internal biases of the police officer responding to the crash could influence who they believe and who they blame. Some drivers are fortunate enough to experience a crash in the location where there are security cameras or traffic cameras that catch either the collision or the moments leading up to the wreck.

Unfortunately, a significant number of modern collisions occur at locations where there are no traffic or security cameras. In that situation, your dashboard camera can provide evidence that can conclusively show that someone else was to blame for the wreck.

A small investment now could save you thousands later

Installing and maintaining a dashboard camera requires financial investment and routine maintenance. You will need to check the footage and store any video files that may be necessary later. The investment of time and money to pay for dashcam will return dividends if you ever get into a major motor vehicle collision.

You will then have conclusive evidence of what happened right before the crash so that the other driver can’t try to blame you. The video footage can play a role in the police report, the insurance claim or even in a civil lawsuit that you bring against the other driver.

When you consider how many people have very low insurance coverage and will not have enough money to fully reimburse you if they cause a catastrophic injury, collecting evidence that helps show conclusively that you are not at fault for a wreck could be invaluable if you ever need to file a lawsuit.

Taking proactive steps now to protect yourself in the event of a future car wreck can help you limit the lasting consequences of a serious car crash on you and the rest of your family.