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The problem with paying New Jersey traffic tickets

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Traffic Tickets |

You may have felt the pinch in your wallet as soon as you saw the flashing lights behind you. Getting pulled over by police often means an expensive ticket. It can also mean that you have to pay more for your insurance.

Just stopping on your way to work or an appointment can be a major inconvenience. The idea of going to court to fight the ticket may seem like an ordeal that isn’t worth undertaking. However, the problem with paying a ticket is that you have just pleaded guilty to a traffic violation. That payment will impact your driving record for years and possibly even your work.

You can fight the ticket in court

Traffic citations range from speeding infractions to turning without using a signal. The circumstances at the time of the traffic stop and the specific infraction alleged will determine what defense strategy you employ, but there are multiple ways to fight against a traffic ticket and win. You could challenge the accuracy of the evidence against you or possibly the officer’s version of events.

When you go to court to defend against a recent ticket, you aren’t just working to avoid paying a fine. You also seeking to protect your driving record, thereby preventing a jump in your insurance costs or the possible future loss of your license. If you drive as part of your job or have a commercial driver’s license, even a simple ticket could affect your ability to earn a living. Knowing what paying a ticket really implies is a good reason to consider defending against the ticket in court.