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How do I pursue a product liability case?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Manufacturing defects in auto parts put every motorist at risk. If you suffered an injury and believe a defective part caused it, you may have a case for product liability.

Even though car manufacturers have substantial resources to dispute your claim, you can still pursue damages and succeed with an experienced attorney. The New Jersey Products Liability Act states that the manufacturer is responsible to the consumer to create a safe product. They owe you a secure driving experience, not the other way around.

Evidence of product liability

When you experience a car accident, your lawyer will investigate several factors that may lead to product liability. For example, they will examine the parts from the same manufacturing run. If you never received notification from the manufacturer about a recall, you may have a product liability case. In addition to evidence from the manufacturer, eyewitness testimony and crash footage can be just as important. If you have clear documentation of a part failure that contradicts the tolerances set by the manufacturer, they may have liability for your injuries.

Punitive damages

New Jersey allows you to pursue damages in several areas. In addition to payments made to compensate for medical and other economic damages, you can seek punitive damages against the manufacturer. New Jersey sets a cap at $350,000 on punitive payments from the manufacturer.

Injuries suffered in car accidents can lead to a lifetime of financial and medical difficulties. If a manufacturer demonstrated negligence in their manufacturing practices, they might have liability for the defective product. The company’s size should not discourage you from pursuing damages from injuries that were not your fault.