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What will a New Jersey ticket do to your insurance costs?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2022 | Traffic Tickets |

A traffic stop is a source of annoyance all on its own. You have to justify your driving practices or possibly the condition of your vehicle to a police officer. You will probably end up late to your destination, and you have a ticket to deal with on top of it all.

For many people who get pulled over by the police and ticketed in New Jersey, their first impulse is to pay the ticket and move on with their lives. Most people just assume that they have no choice but to pay the ticket, and they don’t always realize that they have pled guilty to a traffic offense by doing so.

The problem with just paying a ticket is that admitting to a traffic infraction can cause secondary expenses. Some people may be at risk of losing their license, but almost everyone will have increased insurance costs after a ticket.

What financial impact does a traffic ticket have?

The average financial impact of a ticket on your insurance premium will surprise you. What you pay will increase by 35% on average. That will be hundreds of dollars in extra costs, all for the exact same coverage that you had before.

Of course, that 35% increase is an average. Someone with multiple previous tickets or a more serious ticket like reckless driving may have a sharper increase in their rates than someone who pays the ticket for a minor speeding infraction. The ticket will impact your insurance costs for several years, not just the first renewal after you receive it.

Understanding the consequences of traffic tickets can help you make a better decision about how you handle the tickets you receive.