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3 of the most dangerous things people do when driving

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you see a car chase in the movies, it probably involves all sorts of dangerous stunts. Drivers jump their vehicles off broken bridges, slide them under trucks, and swerve through the oncoming traffic, all without harm.

Yet, you are unlikely to see these things in real life. What you will see are a different set of risky driver behaviors, carried out not by not cops or villains but by everyday folks. Unlike in the movies, real-life car crashes have consequences. 

Vehicle collisions rarely happen by accident

Most crashes happen because someone did something wrong. Here are some of the things drivers do that result in collisions:

  • Not paying attention: Every millisecond someones remove their full attention from the road, the chance they crash into someone goes up. Drivers cannot be looking at their phones, turning around to talk to their child or any other form of distracted driving.
  • Failing to obey stop signals: Some people think it is ok to blaze through the light as it is turning red or to set off before it turns green. By saving a second, they endanger themselves and anyone else at the intersection.
  • Speeding: We have all been running late occasionally and felt pressured to hurry. That is fine if you are on foot or on a bicycle as going faster is unlikely to hurt anyone. If someone in charge of a motor vehicle does the same, it may.
  • Driving after drinking: Even a tiny amount of alcohol reduces the ability to drive safely. Anyone over the limit is way past the point of being safe.

If someone injures you in a car crash, finding out what they were doing wrong will be crucial to getting the compensation you need.