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Is the use of poppers legal in New Jersey?  

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

Certain drugs are well-known and therefore have become part of the public awareness. People in New Jersey are often intimately familiar with the changing laws on marijuana or the prohibition of cocaine. Other, less common drugs can still lead to criminal charges even though people may not know as much about them.

Poppers are party or club drugs that have been around for decades. They are liquid amyl nitrates that people intentionally inhale to produce increased blood flow, relaxation of sphincter muscles and feelings of euphoria. The effect only lasts a few minutes, and people find poppers easy to share in a social situation, like dancing at a club.

However, poppers come with risks, just like any other recreational drug. People sometimes die or experience adverse medical reactions to inhaling amyl nitrates. Are poppers legal for people to use in New Jersey?

Many stores bend the rules

New Jersey does not permit the possession or consumption of amyl nitrate for recreational purposes. The only legal way for humans to use this substance is under the care of a physician, as the drug can help those with certain cardiac conditions.

Poppers are not legal for people to ingest. However, because many businesses package poppers as aromatherapy items not intended for human consumption, party stores and other businesses can sell poppers by claiming that they aren’t meant for human use. This kind of packaging game means there are no purity tests and no protection for the consumers whatsoever.

It also means that anyone caught using poppers or providing them to others for intentional ingestion could face criminal charges. Learning about New Jersey’s drug laws can help you avoid accidentally breaking them.