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How long will a New Jersey DUI/DWI affect your driver’s license?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

If a Jersey police officer pulls you over and suspects that you have had too much to drink, you could wind up arrested. Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) charges can mean spending time in jail, paying big fines and also probation.

A DUI/DWI isn’t just a crime. It is also a traffic violation that almost always results in licensing consequences and insurance cost hikes. How long will a DUI/DWI arrest affect your driving privileges in New Jersey?

Your previous record and level of alcohol determined the length of the suspension

After a guilty plea or a conviction, sentencing is the next step. The judge presiding over your DUI/DWI case will have to consider multiple factors when sentencing you.

When it comes to how long you lose your license, they have to look for previous impaired driving offenses. Although a first offense could carry as little as a three-month suspension, a third or subsequent offense might mean losing your license for 10 years.

Additionally, a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can also mean bigger punishments. That low first-time consequence is only for those with a BAC of under 0.10%. Those whose be a BAC of 0.10% or higher will have a suspension that lasts between seven months and a year.

What is the look-back period for previous DUI/DWI offenses?

The state can look at your drunk driving criminal history when charging or sentencing you. Only convictions that occurred within 10 years of the subsequent charge will typically affect future charges.

Driving infractions and the points that they generate will also remain on your license for several years. Up to three points can come off of your record if you go a year without any traffic infractions. You can also ask the courts to remove two points every five years if you complete training courses.

Although a DUI/DWI doesn’t carry points on its own, speeding or other driving infractions that lead to a DUI/DWI arrest can impact your license and your insurance costs just like DUI/DWI charges. Knowing how long a DUI/DWI conviction might impact your driver’s license could help motivate you to fight the charge and avoid those consequences.