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Can I resolve my traffic ticket online?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Traffic Tickets |

If you receive a traffic ticket in New Jersey, you may be able to resolve it online. This is true even if you wish to contest the violation.

According to the City of Newark Municipal Court, it now offers an online case resolution option, NJMC Direct, or you can choose a virtual hearing.


You must have an eligible charge if you wish to use the online case resolution system. These include charges such as failure to yield to a pedestrian, tailgating, speeding, wrong way on a one-way street and improper U-turn. Many tickets qualify for this option, but you will want to check the court’s website to be sure.


You will go to the NJMC website and enter your ticket information. You will then get the option to dispute your case or pay the ticket. You will want to choose to dispute the case.

Once you do this, you and the prosecutor will communicate via email to resolve your case.

Virtual hearing

You can also choose a virtual hearing. The process requires filing a Plea by Mail document. You will also need to provide supporting evidence if you choose to contest. You will then get a hearing date. You must attend this hearing. If you fail to do so, the court will typically enter a default ruling of guilty.

Contesting your traffic ticket may require some help. You do have the right to consult an attorney. You want to be sure your communications with the prosecutor do not hurt your case, so it is wise to have someone with legal knowledge look them over.