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Collison in Upper Pittsgrove Township produces fatal results

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most people in New Jersey understand that car accidents are just that: accidents. There typically is no intent on the part of those responsible for these incidents to cause any harm or property damage. Yet that lack of intent does not change the fact that these accidents often produce catastrophic results.

Such results may go well beyond body damage to vehicles. It can include serious injuries that leave them unable to work as they recuperate, or even rob families of a member who provides valuable financial and emotional support. These losses often require that accident victims seek additional compensation to meet their expenses.

Upper Pittsgrove Township collision causes fatal injuries

Such expenses may await several people after they experienced a recent collision in Upper Pittsgrove Township. Per reports shared by, a Franklinville man lost control of his vehicle while traveling along Route 40, causing the vehicle to enter into oncoming traffic and strike several others.

Investigators have yet to determine what caused the man to lose control while driving. He sustained serious injuries in the collision, and a passenger in his vehicle died. Several people in the other vehicles involved also suffered injuries.

Compensation is necessary for catastrophic losses

In cases where passengers die due to the actions of the driver, those impacted may struggle with balancing their desire to give the drivers the benefit of the doubt and dealing with the losses left in the wake of their loved ones’ deaths. Yet oftentimes the financial difficulties the accident expenses impose on them force them to seek legal action. Such an action is not punitive but a step to obtain fair compensation above the amount of the insurance company settlement offer.