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How you may get charged with a weapons offense

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Some legal charges are more serious than others. If you find yourself facing a weapons charge, it may disrupt your life. 

A weapons charge may come at a time you least expect it. Thus, it helps to understand some examples of situations that may lead the prosecution to charge you with a weapons offense that could result in a conviction. 

You possess banned weapons 

New Jersey’s state laws ban the possession of certain weapons or dangerous items. The severity of the charge depends on the degree of danger the weapon presents. Possessing one of these, for instance, will find you facing fourth-degree charges: 

  • Blackjack 
  • Brass or metal knuckles 
  • Switchblade 
  • Stun gun 
  • Silencer 

A conviction of possession of any weapon mentioned may result in mandatory jail time. 

You have a weapon while committing a crime

Carrying a weapon with the intent to commit a crime usually results in the highest weapons charge. Whether used or not, the act of having one during a criminal act sends the message that you may use it. You may face a second-degree weapons charge in this instance. If you have a weapon on you during the planning or commission of a crime, and the court believes you would use it, the charge may rise to second-degree. This carries with it hefty jail time and fines. 

A weapons charge may turn into a conviction if you are not careful. It is helpful to understand what may constitute an instance where you may face this serious charge.