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Are there more older adults on the road?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Whether you are over the age of 65 or someone in your family is older, it is important to understand the consequences of motor vehicle crashes for people in this age group. Drivers of all ages need to watch out for various hazards while behind the wheel and understand the potential consequences of a traffic crash. However, this is especially true for older adults. Sometimes, older drivers face challenges related to visual ability and cognitive decline, increasing the odds of a collision.

Also, when older drivers are involved in a wreck, some are more likely to sustain serious injuries or lose their lives. Furthermore, the recovery process is often especially challenging.

Statistics on older drivers in the U.S.

According to statistics published on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s site, there were nearly 44 million people 65 and over who were licensed to drive during 2018, and some older adults are injured or even killed in traffic crashes. Compared to 1999, this represents a 63% increase. Sadly, with more older drivers on the road, more older adults sustain serious injuries and lose their lives in motor vehicle collisions.

Statistics on auto accident injuries and deaths among older adults

From broken bones to brain trauma that changes one’s personality and leads to long-term memory problems, there are many different ways in which victims are hurt in these crashes. The CDC also reports that nearly 7,700 older adults passed away in traffic collisions during 2017. In terms of injuries, over 257,000 people in this age group received emergency care due to injuries they sustained in traffic crashes.