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The consequences of license points

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Traffic Tickets |

Many people may think a traffic ticket is not a big deal. However, traffic violations can have a larger impact than people realize. 

When people commit moving violations, they may get points on their license. According to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, the number of license points people earn corresponds to the severity of the violation. Someone who drives against traffic on the Garden State Parkway, for example, might receive two points on a driver’s license. People receive four points if they pass improperly. 

Different types of points

Speeding can cause people to rack up points on their license. People who drive 14 miles over the speed limit usually earn 2 points on their license, while someone who drives 30 miles over the limit receives 5 points. Driving too slowly and holding up traffic can result in two points on a license. Tailgating and driving recklessly can cause people to earn five points. 

Even minor offenses may result in license points. People who do not keep right at an intersection or drive the opposite direction on a one-way road may earn two points. People may also receive two points if they do not yield to emergency vehicles or use their turn signals. 

Severity of points

Points on a driver’s license are more serious than people may realize. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission says that people have to pay a fine if they receive at least six points in a three year period. Additionally, authorities may suspend a driver’s license once people earn 12 points. 

Sometimes people may be able to remove points if they attend a defensive driving course or a driver improver program. However, people cannot take these programs every year. People may also remove points if they do not earn further violations in one year. These steps usually remove two or three points. If people are in danger of license suspension, however, they may need to take more serious steps to clear their records.