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Can a DUI change your college trajectory?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

New Jersey college students like you have a bright future ahead. Going to college is often the first taste of life “on your own”. There are many things for you to do and experience. But you may want to keep yourself out of dangerous situations. They could cause you more risk than you think. 

For example, some believe first time DUI offenses are not that serious. Unfortunately, you can change the track of your college career with one conviction. 

How DUI convictions affect career choice 

The College Investor discusses how one DUI conviction may ruin your college career. First, they note that a DUI on record may prevent you from pursuing certain career paths. Many careers do not hire people with a criminal record for safety reasons. For example, jobs involving children do not always take people with DUI convictions. This includes teaching, daycare, and other forms of child care services. Any job related to commercial driving is also out of your reach. 

Colleges cut financial support 

Second, colleges often strip financial support of students with DUI convictions. They may not expel you, but this could cause you to leave the college anyway. They may make it too expensive for you to continue attending by pulling this support. 

Colleges also sometimes ban students with DUI convictions from on-campus housing. This means you have to deal with the extra expense of off-campus housing. Some cities have high costs of living. This might price you out of attendance. Because of this, you should take any charges you face seriously. Even if it is a first time offense, it could alter your life.