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How much can traffic tickets impact your insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Traffic Tickets |

Unfortunately, you slipped up recently while driving the streets of New Jersey and received a traffic ticket. Besides figuring out whether you want to fight the ticket, you may also wonder how the ticket impacts your auto insurance rates. lays out the most relevant facts for someone in your situation. After handling your ticket, figure out how you can best deal with your insurance provider.

Percent increase depends on the traffic violation

Your specific traffic violation determines how much you can expect your insurance to increase. For instance, your first DWI/DUI ticket can bump your rates up by roughly 80%. Going more than 30 miles over the posted speed limit often results in a 30% increase. For driving no more than 15 miles over the speed limit, your rates can jump up by 20%. Got pulled over for driving without insurance? Your rates can take a 10% hit.

When you can expect to pay more

Thankfully, your premiums do not increase the second you get a ticket. Instead, you can expect more expensive rates when you get ready to renew your policy. This gives you time to figure out how you can pay for more expensive premiums.

How long you can expect to pay more

Once your auto insurance rates bump up, you can expect to pay more for at least three years. Usually, the specific length of time depends on your specific insurance carrier and your geographic location.

You can still save money

To save money on auto insurance even with a traffic ticket, you can see if you can get a lower rate for the same coverage from a different carrier. You can also increase your deductible or complete a defensive driving course.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.